Lao Street Foods, INC. Proudly serving flavors from Laos and Beyond.


All of our Khaolaam is made in batches (of 50) to ensure the quality of our products. They are immediately Frozen for 36 hours before your shipment is sent via USPS or FED EX.

 We recommend that you freeze your KhaoLaam upon arrival (until consumption).

(There are two recommend two heating methods)

Conventional Oven:

Pre-Heat the oven to 425 degrees, take the saran wrapper off the KhaoLaam. Place the KhaoLaam onto a cooking tray (lay flat). Set timer for 25 minutes, use a tong to gently roll the KhaoLaam to the unheated side, Set timer for another 25 minutes. Once the Coconut has “puffed out” of the topper.  Take the KhaoLaam out from the oven and let cool for a minimum of four minutes. Or Cool to the touch.

Microwave Oven:

This method is the quickest, take one frozen khaolaam (remove the saran topper) and place laying down into your microwave. Set the cooking time for four minutes (depending upon the size) small, medium or large. The KhaoLaam will either cook entirely or need additional time. (paying attention to the KhaoLaam) because some microwaves are smaller than others. The KhaoLaam can get stuck and burn (possibly be hazardous). Always use extreme caution when using this method. You can add increments of two minutes, if your KhaoLaam still feels cool to the touch or has not puffed out of its topper.

Our web page is linked to USPS and Fed Ex,

The site by default, will select the cheapest method of shipment available. 

Generally you can expect the price range to be as follow, via USPS (FLAT RATE BOX) charges.

  1. Medium box holds approximately: Five (5) Khaolaam, USPS charges $13.45 for, 2-3 days business service.
  2. Large box holds approximately: Ten to Fifteen (10-15) Khaolaam. USPS charges $18.75 for, 2-3 days business service.

Our site will generate your shipment rate/charges.  By the weight of your order at checkout, your totals will be your final cost. Should the site generate any mistakes, we will take on any additional fee's ourselves. As a company's promise to you.

 Should you have any other questions about larger shipments, and or out of US shipping charges. 

We would be happy to assist you by phone Monday through Saturday 8am to 8pm EST.

Retail Customers: (678)863-8742

  • All of our Khaolaam is shipped frozen, all orders to California and warmer climates will be shipped with dry ice. The dry ice bag will be labeled and more than likely evaporate by the time your package arrives.
  • The Khaolaam will arrive (cooled) a semi-thawed, once received you can either refrigerate the Khaolaam or Freeze until time you would like to consume the Khaolaam. 
  • We do include heating instructions, into your package. However, anytime you are in doubt we are happy to help. By email or by phone. 

As always we appreciate your business, and the support of our small family business. Sending our sincerest gratitude and well wishes to you and yours. Warm Regards, #thekhaolaamteam