Sabaidee/ Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in our story. All that we are now, began with a very special lady by the name of Phonexay back in April of 2000. Phonexay aka Meah/Mom wanted us to learn her recipes. So that we would never find ourselves in a position of not being able to provide financially for ourselves. 

Side by side with Meah, for over a decade we've travelled all across the USA. Visiting Lao and Thai temples. Due to the popular demand of her cooking. We decided to take a leap of faith and launch, Lao Street Foods, Inc. March, 6. 2016, the feed-back has been absolutely amazing! We've travelled across the USA to music festivals, food festivals and have been featured on ABC7 Chicago on their morning segment. 

Over the years, we've added to our company. Lao Street Foods umbrella's, our brick and mortar, food truck, mobile food sales and our online store. We pride ourselves in bringing authentic Lao and Thai “street-style cooking”. Eat bite should be nostalgic and take you back to the bustling streets of Bangkok or the back alley's of Vientiane, Laos. It should capture, that memory and invoke your senses. That's the magic of food. We take great honor in our dishes. Curating the best of the best for each one of our customers. 

Our cuisine showcases the abundance of aromatic and flavorful spices of Southeast Asia. The spices we  blend in our cooking, employs pungent roots like galangal, turmeric and ginger; aromatic leaves like lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, together with other ingredients like coconut, palm sugar and chilies. Making our cuisine bolder and have a deeper level of flavors. 

Although were known throughout the USA for our famous Khaolaam aka Bamboo Sticky Rice. It wasn't just some weird food trend that popped up out of nowhere. Khaolaam, dates back thousands of years, it imbeds itself into our history. As Khoun Lao's/Laotians we are known as "children of sticky rice". Naturally Khaolaam is imbedded into our heritage. We use the same methods of cooking this dessert staple, of our Native country Laos. As our forefathers did, however were utilizing a more modern approach. Our coconuts are fresh cracked by hand, by using a grinder we are able to make our own in house "coconut-milk". You can really tastes the difference, and love in all of our cooking. Everything is precisely measured, to insure the same great taste as the first time you've dine with us or the hundredth time. 

We hope that our bold preparation of herbs and spices with market-fresh ingredients, along with the time and love we put into our cuisine. Will deliver a memorable yet magical culinary experience to our customers.             

Kop Jai Lai (Thank you, very Much) 

We are Lao Street Foods, Inc. 
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