Lao Street Foods, INC. Proudly serving flavors from Laos and Beyond.

We are Lao Street Food Vendors (Hawkers) if you will.

With a few different facets of our business: Catering, Concessions, Food Trailer and Online. 

 A family owned and operated business, with receipes dating back three generations. Our mother began "Hawking" at the tender age of nine. She was on the busiest side streets in Laos. Once her products gained popularity, and as she aged. She met my father, and they had decided to then moved to Bangkok. Where her 4'11 stature was very challenged, in the markets (between the noises and other hawkers). She was easily missed, but she aimed to work hard and trust that our family recipe will win over the hearts of the markets patrons. It wasn't before long that it did, she was so very successful that customers would line up for hours. To taste her special KhaoLaam (bamboo sticky rice) and KhaoNom Kok (coconut rice pancakes). Although they gained popularity and success rapidly, they then wanted to settle down and start a family. 
Fasting forward a few years, the opportunity then arise to move to the United States. And they took it, for it was a better opportunity and education for their three children. It was tough, even with pops having a back ground in engineering and moms hawking skills. To adapt to a new world, new language and overall new life. Mom with her entrepreneur spirit, changed her venue of side streets, to temples and festivals. They travelled throughout the US, and they were very well known for their products. They have been at "hawking" in the US for 15 years, before it became too taxing on their bodies. And ultimately decided to retire. We are very blessed that they handed down their recipe and business, to my wife and I. Since 2001, we have been finding new inventive ways to bring KhaoLaam and other Authentic Lao Street Foods into main stream America. 
Our team is dedicated to fusing authentic Lao Food, to fit a modern American society. Without compromising taste and quality. 

We are apart of #LaoFoodMovement 

Strive to Soar,