Lao Street Foods, LLC formally known as KhaoLaam
  • Sai Kok (Lao Sausages)

    $30.00 $25.00

    Our Sai Kok (Lao Sausages) UN-Cooked, 

    Made from mama's recipe. Featuring lemongrass, Keffir Lime leaves, Shallots, Fiery Thai Chili Peppers, Glass noodles and a secret ingredient only once you bite into one.  Will you understand the complexity of our Lao Sai kok. We don't skimp out on herbs. We only product products that we put on the table for our own family...Our Sai Kok has been described as.. Bold, flavorful and savory. 

    Our Sai kok, is made from 100% USDA grade pork shoulder. Casing by Lem products and packaged by Lao Street Foods LTD. Our links are 4ounces, each (10 links) per bag. All of our sausages are shipped using an insulated cooler as well as 2lbs of dry ice.