Lao Street Foods, LLC formally known as KhaoLaam

Our Mission, 
Providing traditional & nutritional Khaolaam to Asian Born Americans, throughout the US. 
We are not middle men, we are your direct source. Meaning from our commissary kitchen to your doorsteps. 
Our motto is simplicity, food is not meant to be complicated (nothing goes into our products that you can't pronounce). 
Our bamboo is locally sourced, we have several acres of land in the North Georgia mountains that we own and harvest from.  Along with our famous Bamboo Sticky Rice, we also have an array of "Lao Street Foods" our herbal Lao Sausages and Lao Ice Cream a very exotic dessert. Not to mention our triple washed Nam Awy also known as Sugar Cane Juice, sweeten by nature. Our mission is to get the world back to natural "real' foods. Without skimping on tastes and quality. 

Were putting Laos on the map, by having the world experience its Street Foods. #LaoStreetFoods 

Khob Jai Der (Thank You)
Many Blessings to you and yours